Twitter acquires Threader to enhance a premium feature

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Twitter Threader

The acquisition of Threader is intended to improve the thread-reading experience as a part of the Reader mode offered as a premium feature in Twitter Blue.

Threader will shut down on December 15, 2021, and the features will be offered as a part of Twitter Blue, the paid subscription service offering exclusive features.

Twitter threads are a fairly popularized long-format textual experience that has universal use case applications be used by general users sharing their personal experience, a CEO providing an important update to investors, researchers and journalists uploading their work, comedians posting jokes, or writers and poets sharing their work.

On that account, Threader became the biggest public database of Tweets published in this format, after initially starting off as a prototype recommending threads to read in an article format.

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Now Threader will be available as a native experience on Twitter as a text-focused, distraction-and-ad-free experience. The Reader mode on Twitter transforms long threads into an easier-to-read experience and Bookmarks enables users to save and organize threads, as a part of this feature.

Recently, Twitter has been investing in improving the textual format on the platform. Twitter recently also acquired Revue, an editorial newsletter tool and the platform is integrating its Pro features to aid writers on the platform in building and monetizing their audience.

The acquisition of Revue and integration of its features on the Twitter platform intends to streamline the process of editing and publishing newsletters for writers, build a subscriber base, and also make it easier for readers to discover relevant writers and content.

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