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Aishwarrya Chakraverty
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To further strengthen the platform for the developers’ community, Twitter brings elevated access to the developer platform as part of the version 2 API.

Twitter has recently announced newer updates for its developer platform with the launch of API v2 to make it easier for users to sign up to the platform for free. This, in turn, will help to expand access and help the software developers create tools and features to enhance public safety and conversations on Twitter. To do this, the platform has introduced two new access levels – Essential and Elevated.

The Essential access includes immediate access to the Twitter API v2 upon signup – a one app environment with the facility to retrieve up to 500k Tweets per month. Twitter shared that this is done to meet most of the developer's needs.

Further, the social media platform also brings an Elevated access level. This includes three App environments including development, staging, and production. Further, it also allows the users to retrieve up to 2 million Tweets per month. Twitter further stated that the users already using the v2, will be automatically upgraded to the Elevated access level.

In a bid to address user needs facing issues with the previous version, Twitter stated, “We’re working on a solution to enable developers whose previous applications for a developer account have been declined. For such users, they assured about enabling sign-up for Essential or re-application for the Elevated access, soon.

As part of the updates, the platform will also help remove policy terms that hinder the developers to bring more innovations. In the past, the platform has witnessed many innovations by the developers for better public safety and conversations such as Block Party, Spaces, and many more.

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Amir Shevat, Head of Product, Twitter Developer Platform, highlighted in one of the tweets, “We’re removing policy terms that hindered innovation. We know that when you build solutions for people who use Twitter, you often have to replicate some of the features that already exist on Twitter.”

To encourage more such innovations, Twitter removed language from developer policy that restricted users to build with Twitter’s core features and elements.

As Twitter API v2 becomes the primary Twitter API, the team further states that all the existing apps will be supported on v2. Sonya Penn, Business lead, Twitter Developer platform, and Shevat explained in the blog post, “While the v1.1 API will continue to be available, we’ll only be supporting it for critical bug fixes.”

As Twitter restructures its developer platform, the social media channel aims to build an open developer platform in public with more useful endpoints, expanding the canvas for developers to build on Twitter, and creating opportunities for developers to monetize their innovation in the future.

“We will continue to drive value for the developer ecosystem and make it easier for you to build, innovate, and make an impact on the public conversation”, concluded Shevat.

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