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A lot of us have been busy sharing the meaning of our names on the newly launched IG sticker. We take a look at how the marketing world adapted to the trend as we go through the Urban dictionary brand topical creatives.

Ever since the ‘Show us your name in the Urban Dictionary' sticker has gone viral on Instagram, there has been no stopping. Every individual in the quest to know their name meaning on the Urban Dictionary has been posting them on their IG stories while a few are also seen sharing them on Twitter. Just like any other topical trend, brands too leveraged the fad surrounding the sticker and decided to partake in their own signature appeal. We glance through the Urban Dictionary brand creative one post at a time.

Where Tinder chose to cheekily comment its stance on the ongoing trend, Zomato derived the definition of its name boasting itself as the ‘soulmate material’. Netflix being Netflix had a meme response ready with a Breaking Bad reference of ‘Say My Name'.

FMCG major Nilon’s too participated by naming itself as the ‘pyaar provider’, according to the Urban Dictionary, while Radio Mirchi had the ‘mirchi-esque’ definition. Great Learning got itself the tag of ‘every professional’s learning bae’ and couldn’t stop itself from sharing the moment with its followers on social media.

As per the online reports, it is stated that the trend was started by an Instagram user named bymayuuu, who made a post using Instagram’s newly launched “Add Yours” sticker feature. It then asked readers to “Show us ur name in Urban Dictionary’ and received a massive response by individuals and brands joining the bandwagon and sharing the definition of their names on their stories.

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