YouTube Updates: Channel Guidelines Expansion, & more

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube has announced a few updates and experiments for creator channels and shares more info on the announcement of removing dislike counts.

The updates were announced by the Creator Insider channel by the YouTube team.

Channel Guidelines Expansion

The feature that lets creators define up to three-channel guidelines for comments under their videos is being expanded to more creators, and all viewers would need to read and accept these guidelines before posting a comment.

The feature does not cause comments to be hidden or removed but enables creators to maintain a course of conversations they desire. It can be enabled in the YouTube Studio in the 'Community' tab in Settings.

The feature may be accessible only for a short period of time as it is in the experimental phase and the channel guidelines also need to adhere to YouTube Community Guidelines.

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Members Recognition Shelf

Members of a channel will now be displayed on a dedicated shelf distinguished from non-members to improve the visibility of membership channel offerings.

Dislike Count

YouTube last week announced dislike count on the platform will be private across all videos on the platform, the users would still be able to use the dislike button. The change comes in after YouTube ran an experiment to understand interactions between creators and viewers and how can the platform tackle harassment and reduce dislike attacks.

As a result of the experiment, YouTube found that the invisibility of dislike counts would mean viewers were less likely to target a video’s dislike button to drive up the count, and data suggests a reduction in dislike attacking behavior.

Creators would still be able to see their dislike counts like other metrics in YouTube Studio. The change will be rolled out gradually in the coming months.

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