YouTube Updates: Snapshot Card Experiment & more

YouTube updates

YouTube has announced few updates on ongoing experiments, changes to Studio on mobile, and a new resouce for creators.

The experiments and updates have been announced by Creator Insider, the informal channel by YouTube. The experiments may not be widely available as it has been rolled out to select creators.

Channel Performance Insights

Previously only available on desktop, these insights are now also available on YouTube Studio mobile and will show the last 28 days views performance and weekly views performance for channels that have regular weekly uploads. The metrics displayed include views, subscribers, and revenue.

Snapshot Card Experiment

YouTube is running an experiment wherein the snapshot card does not show rankings anymore. This is an effort towards reducing the stress of performance for creators. From the feedback gathered, the platform understood that a group of creators was having difficulties assessing their channel performance, and other groups felt YouTube didn’t do enough to reduce the stress.

As the experiment didn’t seem to solve the problem, going forward, rankings have been re-introduced to the card along with the typical performance indicator.

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Reuse Details

The platform is introducing a new feature that would enable creators to reuse details such as Title, description, from previous uploads or new uploads, from the desktop. The feature is designed to streamline the upload flow and save time on recreating metadata or descriptions used in previous videos. Unlike upload defaults, this feature lets creators use versions with different templates of details.

Search Insights

Search Insights has been designed to give more context and information on search trends to help creators in content planning that resonates more with the audience and viewer interests.

The feature will show search terms in the aggregated form generated from the last 20 days. The data will be categorized into two sets, one would be of what channel viewers are searching for on YouTube, the other would-be viewer searches from all keywords on YouTube.