Brand creatives wrapped in the year-ender theme

Wrapped creatives

Brand creatives share their consumer habits, memorable moments and a personalized take on the ‘Spotify Wrapped’ theme raging on social networks.

For a few years, every year-ender causes a flood of the ‘wrapped’ posts on social media, and this time around too it was the usual, causing a topical wave that brand creatives are surfing upon.

Spotify Wrapped is a marketing campaign and playlist theme that lets users view a compilation of songs categorized according to their listening activity through the year, and data compiled from the music they listened to. The music platform also encourages users to share this data on social media.

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Bumble India shares their top artist, Fi shares a bit from the live financial podcast, TrulyMadly wraps up the hopeless romantics’ love life, and Swiggy shares their favorite wraps.

More brands wrap the year with some nostalgia.

Bumble India


Tinder India




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