Facebook introduces new Live tools & features for creators

Facebook Live

Facebook has announced the launch of a new post format to highlight interactions during a broadcast, along with new features for Live and more content publishing tools for creators.

The new tools and Facebook Live features for creators are designed to make a live stream more interactive and for creators and viewers to have more avenues to expand the experience beyond content consumption to community building.

Featured Links

Creators can now add web links to their Live broadcasts and redirect viewers to third-party platforms or websites. The feature can be used to set the context for a broadcast, add a CTA to shop, donate, or expand the audience to more social networks.


Polls have been updated and launched as a new interactive experience for creators and viewers to engage with real-time reactions or responses on mobile, previously it was only available on desktop.

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Live With

This collaborative feature that enables a co-broadcast of Facebook Live sessions is being expanded and creators will soon be able to invite up to three additional guests on a live stream.

Live in Stories

To aid creators in amplifying their Live’s reach and promoting it organically, Facebook has introduced an option to share live broadcasts directly to Facebook Stories and reach a wider audience.


Badges have been redesigned to improve the prominence of users who support creators via Stars – a way for viewers to reward their favorite creators, and fans would have these badges appear next to their name in the comments section, differentiating them from the rest of the audience.

Front Row

Fans can now have a dedicated section to themselves in a ‘Front Row’ during live broadcasts and enable creators to acknowledge the sith a shout out highlighting their loyal audience.

Spotlight Conversations

This new post format will allow creators to have comment-based discussions with chosen guests, and this discussion will appear as a post with two separate comment sections: one for the creator and their guests, and one for viewers who want to follow along and converse.