Facebook launches new moderation tools and improves creator support

Paawan Sunam
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Facebook creator support

Facebook has initiated a major improvement for support provided to creators locked out of their accounts along with launching moderation tools to maintain healthy interactions.

The availability of the creator support and moderation tools by Facebook is subjective and may not be available to all creators presently.

Moderation Tools

To help moderate comments and interactions on their content, Facebook has rolled out keyword blocking that automatically hides comments with those keywords and its variants with numbers, symbols, or different spellings. The platform has also enabled creators to hide distasteful comments, along with the option to view all hidden comments in one place by changing the filter in keyword blocking.

Moderation Assist, which allows creators to set criteria from a list of rules to moderate comments on a post including comments with links, images, and more, is also being tested in the beta phase.

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Additionally, the platform is developing profanity keyword blocking tools, suspending/banning controls, and stronger comment controls. Facebook Live community moderation that lets creators designate a viewer to moderate comments on their behalf, will also be initiated soon.

Creator Support

Meta has launched a limited test in the US, assessing support through live chat for English-speaking creators who do not have an assigned relationship manager from Meta.

Creators can access the support site when logged in through Facebook and get their issues and concerns addressed. A global test for English-speaking creators who have been locked out of their accounts, a test for live chat support has been initiated.

This test is only available to creators who had their accounts locked due to unusual activity or whose accounts have been suspended due to a violation of Community Standards. This is a major change for creator support initiated for the first time, as creators have often complained about incorrectly being locked out of their accounts and receiving limited support.