Google launches digital store called Qaya for creators

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Qaya is a digital storefront by Google, for creators to sell products and services to their audiences, and a business activity hub for the creator with commercial tools.

The web-based storefront by Google has been designed to enable creator entrepreneurship and help the creators monetize their social presence across networks at a single shop. It has currently been launched in the beta phase in US and would be rolled out to more countries soon.

Qaya supports pay-gated and free products, with monetization features such as tipping, subscription, and more to be launched. Customer management and analytics tools to analyze sales and content performance are also available.

Creators can link to Qaya storefronts from social media bios, and links in posts or captions. The storefront also hosts CTA buttons that can redirect a user to the creator's social media profiles.

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Eligible YouTube creators can now promote products from Qaya directly below their videos, through the integration of Qaya with YouTube Merch Shelf. More of such integrations with Google products have also been lined up in the pipeline.

Creators can also personalize their storefronts, and sell digital goods such as images, downloadable content or digital files, and also display products like physical goods or services sold on other platforms.

Training videos, photo filters, beat packs, ASMR read-aloud, productivity templates, and knitting patterns are a few examples of products creators can look to sell.

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