YouTube acquires RightsFlow to improve copyright management

YouTube media kit

YouTube aims to improve the efficiency of licensing music on the platform with expertise and technology from RightsFlow, and support management of music rights.

Songwriters, recording artists, record labels, distributors, and music services on the platform need a robust copyright management system on YouTube for accurate attribution of ownership and credits, and also for monetary compensation.

RightsFlow is a company that provides music licensing services and royalty payment solutions through song identification, monetization, reporting, and payment efforts. With the acquisition, YouTube intends to solve complex issues of licensing and royalty payment management.

The effort would be directed towards the management and enforcement of online copyright and content rights on the platform, in combination with content management technologies such as Content ID, to solve hindrances surrounding licensing and royalty payment management.

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Recently, YouTube also announced the launch of a tool designed to prevent copies of the content creators own from appearing or surfacing on the platform, and restrain copyright infringement.

The copyright management tool is a new checkbox in the copyright webform, when enabled will automatically prevent copies of the video from being uploaded on YouTube or will notify the owner of the content. Creators can access the web form in the YouTube Studio.

The content owner would need to certify that they own the exclusive worldwide rights of the content they are requesting removal of copies. If the takedown request is valid, YouTube will try to prevent new uploads of the copies and stop them from appearing on the platform.