#ThandPadi: Gowardhan Ghee releases winter campaign to reiterate the importance of ghee

Gowardhan Ghee Thand padi campaign

As citizens gear up for the winter season, Gowardhan Ghee releases its ‘Thand Padi’ campaign, reiterating the relevance of a key ingredient in Indian kitchens for a healthy and nutritious diet.

Winters call for warm fuzzy blankets, steaming cups of chai, and delicious home-cooked food when consumers prepare themselves for a safe and comfortable season. While it is important to keep yourself warm from the outside, it becomes even more crucial to stay warm from the inside through a healthy diet. Leveraging this insight, Gowardhan Ghee from Parag Milk Foods releases its ‘Thand Padi’ campaign.

Conceptualized and executed by Imlli Adrakee, the campaign reiterates the importance of ghee for a healthy body and mind as it forms an integral ingredient in Indian Kitchens during the winters.

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The video takes us through the glimpses of the winter season from the lenses of a young boy. It showcases how everybody in the little boy’s family is preparing for the cold – from purchasing thermals to enjoying a hot cup of tea with each other. While the preparations seem to be in full swing, the boy points towards an empty can of Gowardhan Ghee to his grandmother when she tells her son to get one for the home.

Showcasing sweet delicacies prepared with Gowardhan Ghee, the video ends with a message, prompting the viewers to stay warm from within by consuming a healthy and nutritious diet. #ThandiPadi is being promoted across TV, radio, and digital channels for mass reach.

Directed by Nitish Budhkar and shot by Dhananjay Navagraha, the campaign spreads awareness around the relevance of pure cow ghee.

Through the campaign, Gowardhan Ghee manages to capture the feeling that winter is in India! It magnified the aspect of preparing for the bitter, cold nights where homemade food – be it gajar ka halwa or a simple dal with ghee tadka – can make up for all that winter stands for.

With an engaging storyline, the brand manages to keep the viewers glued to the screens till the very end and reinstates how Gowardhan Ghee is a winter essential. Gowardhan Ghee’s #ThandiPadi campaign celebrates winter for its true spirit and meaning. The campaign stands at the cusp of beautiful winter memories and cultural relevance, creating a strong recall for Gowardhan Ghee.