How Curtice Brothers & Ogilvy Berlin used a ban on ketchup to promote their ketchup

Ogilvy Berlin

Here’s how Curtice Brothers, an organic ketchup brand banked on a football coach’s health concern for his team, to promote unique traits of their product with a campaign.

Ogilvy Berlin and Curtice Brothers created a campaign highlighting how their tomato ketchup is naturally made with no added sugar., after knowing Antonio Conte announced a ban on ketchup football club Tottenham Hotspur.

The Italian professional head coach of the Premier League club banned ketchup and mayo for his team to tackle weight issues. This hit home for Mario C. Bauer, who manages Curtice Brothers, organic boutique ketchup cooked in Tuscany.

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With the help of Ogilvy Berlin, Curtice Brothers shared a campaign requesting Antonio to ban ketchup for his team. Using this, they attempted to highlight that their product is made with natural tomato sweetness and does not contribute to weight gain in any way. Taking this further, the ad shows how Mario wrote a letter to Antonio in the local newspaper to share this message.

They even sent a box of their sugar-free ketchup to the Tottenham training ground for the players to taste and enjoy their organic ketchup. The ad also shows how the letter by Mario became famous following which, the brand started receiving orders from around the world. Turns out, what Mario saw as a crypt to their business, ended up expanding it instead.