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Twitter Infographic

Twitter shares insights on the user base actively participating in TV conversations and provides data on users discussing their favorite shows and shaping pop culture, with this infographic.

Twitter collaborated with Ad Age Studio 30 and created an edition of the Twitter Conversation Report and that deep-dives into user behavior of TV viewers on the platform, and the infographic provides further statistics.

The data revolves around the volume of Tweets around television, user behavior and participation in these conversations, statistics on TV-related Tweets, video views, interest-based insights, and more information on how Twitter acts as an extension of the whole TV experience and becomes a medium to converse for fans.

The use or application of this data is not just restricted to Media & Entertainment brands. Various brands can tap the TV audience inclined towards different interests, and engage the audience with pop culture references.

Podcasts, Fashion & Beauty, Gaming, Arts & Culture, are a few of the distinct interests that the TV audience is inclined to, and they make up a user base that posts six Tweets per second, 19,800 new Tweets about TV by the time we run through an episode of Squid Game.

Passive participation is not a trait of these users, they have a higher tendency of replying to Tweets and playing a part in these conversations. This infographic by Twitter further outlines important data on TV viewers that brands from various industries can use to tap the audience.

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