Fundamental tips to master Twitter Video campaigns

Paawan Sunam
Sep 05, 2019 02:49 IST
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Twitter Video campaign tips

From understanding types of Twitter video ads that suit best for your objective to decoding the Twitter ads manager, take a look at these Twitter Video campaign tips.

More than 2 billion videos are viewed on Twitter every day. According to research by Neuro-Insights, video ad campaigns on Twitter are 31 percent more emotionally stimulating and 22 percent more memorable than on other leading social media platforms.

Here's how to unlock it's potential.

Brand-Safe Environment

It is important to not get overwhelmed with all the available options and only tell stories through video ads in a brand-safe environment.

Not displaying your brand's video ads amidst or with inappropriate content through in-stream video ads, is one of the practices you can follow, to create a brand-safe environment for your video ad. Twitter also takes a few steps to ensure their video inventory is brand-safe like algorithmic scans, manual review of videos and more.

You can also leverage the information Twitter gives out to maintain transparency. For instance:

  • Full Publisher List
  • Category Blocking
  • Publisher Blacklist

You can use this data to keep a tab and control on where you run your ads and where you shouldn't. This prioritizes your brand's reputation and may keep the unwanted speculations of associations at the bay.

Choose the right type of video ad

Twitter provides diverse ad formats with varying placements, selecting the apt one for your campaign is of prime importance.

Promoted Video Ads

Promoted Video Ads appear in a users' timeline in between posts, similar to the 'Sponsored' ads on Instagram.

Promoted Video Ads are a natural placement in the feed and if you've set the right targeting, it would also be relevant to the audience. This ad format may help you achieve the objective of brand awareness.

Twitter Video Website Cards

Twitter Video Website Cards is a video ad with a website preview that directs the viewer to the advertiser's chosen format when clicked. This ad-format can be leveraged to drive traffic to your website and/or create conversions like app downloads.

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In-Stream Video Ads

The pre-roll or mid-roll ads around video content on the platform are called In-Stream Video Ads. For instance, the ads you see before or during a video plays on the platform.

The prime merit of In-Stream Video Ads is that the viewer is clicking on a video that they want to see, so you have the viewer's whole attention. In-Stream Video Ads aid product-launch campaigns, increase brand reach and/or create brand recall.

Moment Sponsorships

Twitter's Moment Sponsorships lets marketers sponsor Moments from premium content partners.

You can work with premium publishers by being a part of In-Stream Sponsorship. By being a part of this program you can know your partner and develop brand integrations within their content.

This feature can prove to be constructive for the amplification by attracting mirror audiences of the publication.

Mapping Twitter Video Ads to media plan objectives

Media Planning is an integral part of marketing, on Twitter, it's salient to align the media planning objectives with your video ads.

After you have analyzed the market, set a strategy and determine an objective that may vary from extending a TV Campaign to mobile, driving relevance to your brand or launching a product on Twitter or more.

You can choose the right type of video ad that aligns with your media plan's objective. As each media plan's objective is distinctive, you would have to take a case per case call as to what kind suits best.

Master Twitter Ads Manager

For effective and efficient execution of a campaign on the platform, you need to master the tool.

Twitter Ads Manager is a central space to plan, manage, and report on campaigns. You'd have to explore the tool in and out and be skillful & proficient by using it more and more.

The tool gives you access to features like Custom Filters to easily find campaigns; Custom metrics shows you Results, Cost per Result, and Result rate - by objective and Campaign Structure gives you control at all levels.

You can learn more details about the tool here. Although, just reading won't help, you'd actually have to get a hands-on practice.

You can also optimize your video campaigns through paid boosts, create custom reports and share them to raise the bar of your video campaigns on the platform.

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