AGNI Mitra: How a smartphone brand adopted a humane approach to resolve the issue of their customers

Agni Mitra Lava smartphones

As Lava launched its AGNI 5G smartphones in November 2021, the smartphone brand also released its customer service initiative with AGNI Mitra. In a heartwarming tale of support and dedication, the brand attempted to go the extra mile to resolve the issues of its user through a humane way.

Lava International Limited introduced a dedicated customer service manager, Lava AGNI Mitra for its 5G smartphones, AGNI. The brand initiated this CRM solution in an attempt to ease the challenges faced by consumers on a day to day basis – intending to enhance the after-sales services for the users

As it continues to make efforts in the evolving market, the brand’s AGNI Mitra recently faced an unforeseen challenge when a customer incurred an issue with his smartphone.

It all commenced with Sujeesh, a LAVA 5G customer, faced with a technical glitch in his phone and reaching out to the service manager. As the manager offered to provide a doorstep service, the customer shared that he is traveling from Calicut to Payannur. Going the additional mile (quite literally) and attempting to take the Indian hospitality a notch higher, the service manager boarded the same train and resolved the issue on the way to Payannur for the customer.

Later, the customer expressed his disbelief and appreciation for the brand through social media to avail the #ServiceonTrain by the AGNI Mitra.

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From doorstep services where the Lava service representatives collect the phone from registered customer addresses and deliver the product back to them after the requisite service to providing AGNI 5G phone customers the first priority at service centers, the Lava service manager aims to look into the convenience of the AGNI customers in a 360-degrees manner. 

At a time when people face various challenges with the network, connectivity, and after-sales services for their smartphones, Lava 5G smartphones’ AGNI Mitra seems to have set a benchmark in the segment while attempting to walk the talk and going the extra mile for the users.

In the past, the Lava service network had also launched its Service on Wheels that enabled customers to get access to the service centers near them without the hassles of travel for fixing their mobile phones in the middle of the pandemic.

As the brand launched Lava AGNI 5G in November 2021, it not only intends to adapt to the recent technological configurations but seems to be also setting a benchmark with its AGNI Mitra as the customer service manager. With consumers being spoilt for choices and more aware of their needs, the new CRM initiative by Lava is bound to help them strengthen their goodwill.