LinkedIn Creator Mode to now offers access to Live Video and Newsletters

LinkedIn Hindi
LinkedIn Hindi

LinkedIn creator mode now offers access to live video and newsletters. Starting this month LinkedIn will be gradually rolling out the following access to members.

As a part of the updates to the LinkedIn Creator Mode, below are the new features that will be rolled out.

  • Live video: With live video, creators can broadcast content directly to their profile so they can interact with the audience in real-time, drive deeper engagement and establish thought leadership.
  • Newsletters: As a newsletter author, creators can regularly distribute content on a topic they are passionate about. Plus, ensure that their content is seen with automated email and in-app notifications.
  • Get Discovered: Creator mode continues to help potential followers find content across LinkedIn. With the mode on, creators are eligible to be featured as a suggested creator to follow.

This update won’t affect creators who already have access to Live Video and Newsletters but they can turn the Creator Mode on to highlight the content and the topics they speak about. LinkedIn Live is not available at this time for members and Pages based in mainland China.

Live Video

LinkedIn live enables creators to stream live videos to the audience from their profile itself. Depending on your level of experience, you can choose to go live in a few ways. One, creators can select from LinkedIn’s Preferred Partners – Restream, Socialive, Stream Yard, Switcher Studio, and Vimeo. Alternatively, you can choose LinkedIn’s Certified Partners and for those who want to connect directly to an encoder or streaming software like Zoom or WebEx, simplify going live with the platform’s custom stream (RTMP) tool.

Once you’ve determined the right tool for you, visit the Resource Hub for all the troubleshooting and technical documentation you might need, including going live with a 3rd party broadcast tool or custom stream.

Live Video Best Practices 

As a creator, here are a few best practices that one should follow to stay at the top of the game.

  • Be prepared –-  have a good grasp on the subject matter and the format the broadcast.
  • Be authentic — audiences respond best to genuine, relatable content.  
  • Be consistent — set a cadence for when you plan to go live. Consistency helps set the expectation amongst your audience for when they should see new content. 
  • Be flexible — if something unplanned happens while live, respond to the situation in real time to uphold the authenticity of your stream.
  • Be engaged — treat your digital audience as if they’re actually in the room with you. Make it a point to monitor the comments and reactions so you can respond when appropriate to help build that deeper connection with your audience. 
  • Be proactive — It’s recommend setting up your event at least 2-4 weeks in advance so that you can gather relevant attendees over time and make the most of LinkedIn’s organic reach and discovery.

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A newsletter is a set of regularly published articles on LinkedIn, typically about a specific topic. Whenever a creator publishes a new article in your newsletter, their subscribers are automatically notified via push, in-app, and email notifications so they stay up to date with your latest content.

Newsletters Best Practices:

  • Be Direct — Choose a name for your newsletter that describes a clear theme that your audience can easily understand.
  • Be Unique — Upload a logo for your newsletter to increase engagement— 300×300 pixels recommended. Upload a cover photo for each individual article in your newsletter to help increase engagement and visual impact— 744×400 pixels recommended. Try to avoid clipart or stock images as authentic images with faces and people tend to resonate better with audiences.
  • Be Attention Grabbing — Choose a clear headline for each newsletter article that can help your audience understand what your article is about.
  • Be Consistent — Consistency is key. Maintain the publishing cadence you set for your newsletter so your subscribers can regularly engage with your content

To be eligible for Live Video and Newsletter access, creators need to have an audience base of more than 150 followers and/or connections, recent shares on LinkedIn of any type of original content, and history of abiding by our Professional Community Policies and a good standing record on LinkedIn.