MARS Petcare encourages Indian citizens to adopt desi dogs with Pedigree India’s #BeIndieProud campaign

pedigree campaign

In partnership with ZEE5, India’s leading pet food brand Pedigree, from MARS Petcare, brings its recent campaign #BeIndieProud, urging people to adopt pets from shelters, not shop for them.

“The world might be a nicer place if everyone could love as unconditionally as a dog”, said, M.K Clinton. Our four-legged furry friends might not always be vocal about their unconditional love for people, but their actions and presence speak volumes about their relevance in not just our lives but also in nature. This holds true for every breed of dog that including Indian street/desi dogs. However, the adoption rates of our Desi breeds remain at an all-time low. To spread awareness about its Ending Pet Homelessness initiative, and encourage people to adopt these lovable dogs, Pedigree from MARS Petcare has released the #BeIndieProud campaign.

According to reports, India is home to 62 Mn+ stray dogs that are not welcomed at homes or taken care of. A study conducted by MARS Petcare in 9 countries with 15000+ respondents stated that India has a low Ending Pet Homelessness level of 2.4 on a scale of 10, and a huge population of overlooked stray dogs and cats. In line with this insight, the brand has also released End Pet Homelessness (EPH) Index as a call to action towards more pets wanted, cared for, and welcome. Keeping EPH Index at the center, Pedigree’s #BeIndieProud campaign aims at ending pet homelessness and urging people to adopt more strays.

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In partnership with ZEE5, the Pedigree campaign video brings forth the three real-life tales of people from different walks of life, who overcame various barriers/challenges to adopt strays from shelters and welcome them into their homes. The brand aims to help welcome helpless pets into loving homes and encourage people to adopt Indie dogs, as they are as unique and beautiful as all the other breeds of dogs. They are more resilient to Indian climatic conditions and have far fewer diseases than breed dogs, which means they can be looked after economically. In addition, adopting pets from shelters can help reduce instances of illegal and cruel pet breeding practises.

As part of the #BeIndieProud campaign, Pedigree has partnered with 30+ NGOs and has a dedicated toll-free number to facilitate these adoptions while aiming to reach a target of 5,000 adoptions. Adopting pet parents get information kits to help them navigate the early days of pet adoption and also pet food, vouchers for vet consultation, and vaccination.

To amplify the campaign, Pedigree India also collaborated with influencers/actors like Randeep Hooda and Diana Penty highlighting their love for desi dogs and sharing why it is important to adopt homeless strays than buying imported breeds that have a high cost of maintenance. Desi dogs are easy to train and provide love and loyalty in equal measure.

Under the ‘End Pet Homelessness’, the brand intends to create a better world for pets through the #BeIndieProud campaign and other initiatives. It spreads the message that love has no breed and through this campaign, Pedigree India intends to spread awareness about the uniqueness of the Indian street dogs who deserve all the love and care of the world.

Taking EPH a step further, MARS Petcare has also launched the ‘Better Cities for Pets’ model with supporting dog parks as well as a tie-up with Taj Seleqtions for pet-friendly events and activities. Better cities for pets highlights key pillars for making cityscapes a wonderful place for furry friends that include pet inclusion in housing societies, parks, and offices.

To continue spreading mass awareness, Pedigree India has organized multiple events such as cat and dog shows, sensitization programmes like pet health camps, workshops, vaccination campaigns, and providing 4 Lakh+ meals for strays, through NGOs and shelters as well as with tie-ups with platforms like Donatekart.

At the heart of all the initiatives lies Mars Petcare’s organizational purpose of creating a better world for pets, driving responsible pet ownership, and a healthier world for people, animals, and nature. Pet companionship is also known to reduce depression and mental health issues, leading to happier and healthier humans. Promoting the three pillars of all pets wanted, cared for, and welcome, MARS Petcare is committed to reducing the issue of animal homelessness from a ground-up level, and helping create a more compassionate society for street companion animals.

Every dog requires and deserves equal kindness and love irrespective of its breed. People need to come forward to understand the lack of care for the Indian street animals. Pedigree’s #BeIndieProud campaign hopes to promote a positive attitude towards the adoption of puppies and abandoned older dogs from shelters.