Meta opens up the metaverse with Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds

Meta unlocks the portal to the metaverse, with Horizon Worlds being launched in the US & Canada, available to 18+ users for free.

Horizon Worlds is a virtual social experience that lets users discover places, go for adventures, solve interactive puzzles or play games, and have interactive experiences. The platform also allows users to design their own worlds and build a community.

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First launched last year in the invite-only beta phase, the VR platform Horizon Worlds has been initiated with new mechanics and templates for creators to design their own games and experiences, and modify working scripts. Additionally, Arena Clash, a new team-based 3v3 laser tag game has also been launched on the platform.

From January 13, 2022, Horizon Worlds will still be available on Rift S and Quest 2 headsets, and will no longer be supported on Quest 1 after January 13.

Here are some of the games users can explore:

Pixel Plummet: A vapor-themed retro arcade-style multiplayer battle game.

Wand & Broom: A Townscity that can be explored on a magic broom flying above the skyline.

Mark’s Riverboat: A triple-decker riverboat to explore the waters with a relaxing ride with friends.

Horizon worlds will enforce their Conduct in VR Policy, and all users will have access to a personal Safe Zone that lets users take a break and block, mute or report people.


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