Meta shares update on private messaging on Messenger & Instagram DMs

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Meta has shared an update on the development of features and tools to maintain user safety and prevent abuse acorss its messaging services Messenger & Instagram DMs.

The updates include the development and the use of technologies by Meta to prevent abuse on its services, and tools and features users can use to control their messaging services.

Artificial Intelligence

Meta will use AI to detect malicious behavior across these messaging services to prevent abuse. The company will use machine learning technology to scan through non-encrypted parts of the platforms such as account information, photos uploaded to public spaces, and more. Any suspicious activities detected will be acted upon.

For instance, a user setting up new profiles to message minors or strangers in large numbers will be prevented from doing so when the platform detects this suspicious activity. Meta has previously also launched safety notices on messenger, prompts that can aid users in tracking suspicious activity.

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Messaging Controls

'Hidden Words' recently launched on Instagram lets users select words, phrases, or emojis the users consider to be potentially offensive and want to filter into a hidden folder. The company shares more of such messaging controls designed to prevent abuse.

Review chat requests, delete requests in bulk, choose who can message users, blocking contacts has also been improved now, along with blocking contacts from strangers being the default for potential minors. The features may not be available to all users presently.

Reporting Abuse

Reporting tools have been redesigned to make them more prominent in Messenger, and reporting content that involves minor exploitation policies has been improved, uses can select 'involves a child' as an option while reporting content.

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