#IndiaBoleCiao: Netflix rallies Indian fans to increase anticipation for Money Heist finale

Netflix India has gone into overdrive, generating and amplifying fan sentiments as a strategy to promote the finale of Money Heist.

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Money Heist Finale Strategy

If you have driven around Bandra and the nearby areas in the last few days, you have likely noticed huge hoardings announcing the release date of the Money Heist finale. Netflix India went into marketing overdrive, amplifying fan sentiments as a strategy to promote the finale. Here's more.

If you have driven around Bandra and the nearby areas in the last few days, you have likely noticed huge hoardings announcing the release date of the Money Heist finale. The excitement around the show's ending has been heightened by Netflix India, reeling in more and more people to become fans. It is in line with the OTT platform's strategy to increase its consumer base in the country — something they have been trying to do in the last few months with discounted plans and India-centric marketing of their major shows.

Netflix India often draws parallels between foreign and Indian content, amplifying relatable aspects for audiences here. It helps enhance familiarisation and deepen potential interest among new consumers. The OTT platform seems to be heavily investing in India, with offline installations and merchandising. It works as a brand-building exercise for not just the individual shows but also Netflix as a whole.

Jaldi Aao!

Netflix India has been primarily leveraging fan sentiments around the show. They are fuelling expressions of fandom with content pieces that reflect the anticipation for the finale. To do so, they had roped in several Indian Netflix stars, including Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey. The cliffhanger of the last released volume has been packaged as an emotional moment in a fan's journey, one that's making them crave for more. Jaldi Aao, they say!

Ayushmann Khurrana is also a part of the campaign. He is a fan who has got a new haircut in want of looking like the Professor. Regular content is also being pushed to expand the scope of anticipation around the show's ending.

#IndiaBoleCiao: Superfan Contest

Launched by Ayushmann Khurrana, #IndiaBoleCiao is a dance challenge for fans to express their love and admiration for the show. In the video, he can be seen dancing around in excitement. He loves how the show has gained prominence in pop culture, and his favourite character is The Professor, someone he seemingly wishes to look like. To further amplify the fan contest, content creators such as Sonal Devraj, Nicole Concessao, and Awez Darbar, among others, have been roped in for a dance challenge video, inviting other fans to follow. The best entries stand a chance to win exclusive merchandise.

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Bhuvan Bam Meets Professor

Living a true fan's dream, Bhuvan Bam got the opportunity to meet with the Professor and other characters on the show. Netflix India documented Bhuvan's journey at it, fuelling the passions and desires of fans across India. The creator of BB Vines also looked like the Professor while interviewing him. The event was hyped on social media, making fans look forward to listening to their chat.

For the Money Heist finale, Netflix India has been mainly fuelling and nurturing the show's fandom in the country. It is being used as a strategy to create hype around the show. Evidently, Netflix has been pouring money towards these initiatives, hoping for monetary gains as more people buy subscriptions. The strategy is similar to how Hotstar had gone all out to leverage the love for Game Of Thrones. IPL season is also used in a similar fashion. So, while the strategy is not new, they are sure adding freshness with the help of new faces.

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