[Report] Snap Inc Lens of the Year

Snap Lens of the year

The Snap Lens of the Year report highlights the popular Lenses that Snapchatters used to create, explore, and play in 2021.

The report by Snap Inc. revered 50 lenses across five categories that were chosen using a combination of company preferences and worldwide data. On Snapchat, augmented reality lenses are used over 6 billion times every day on average.

“We’re impressed by the inventiveness and technological prowess of our community that has supercharged Snapchatters’ demand for AR. This year, we’ve seen Lens Creators, as well as our own Snap team, create lenses that enable Snapchatters not only express themselves better but also learn about the world around them and solve problems in their daily lives”, says Sophia Dominguez, Snapchat’s Head of AR platform partnerships, said in a statement.

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“From shopping and music to social good and AR innovation”, Snapchat shares a snapshot of what went down in 2021.

According to Snapchat, lenses provide an insight into the year’s cultural moments and trends. With over 500 million monthly active users active on the platform, this list includes ‘Little Bernie’ all the way to Squid Game. The report takes a look back at the memes, material, and personalities that swept the globe in 2021.

Since the feature’s inception last year, more than 1.2 billion video Snaps have been made and 77 billion views have been recorded.

The overview offers insights into broader online trends, as well as how they might be integrated into AR applications. And, with augmented reality expected to become an even greater component of digital advertising in the future, it’s worth keeping an eye on the top trends to see how one might use such technologies in their own marketing efforts.