vivo India encourages parents to #SwitchOff to spend quality time with children

vivo india campaign

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, vivo India’s #SwitchOff campaign urges parents to give undivided attention to children especially during their growing up years as their beautiful minds shape up.

While the pandemic has led to digital acceleration with screens being the lifeline of communication, business, work, information, and even entertainment, it has also increased the screen time with excessive usage of smartphones. With the advent of work-from-home, although people get to stay more with their families, the quality of time spent with loved ones has deteriorated. In line with this thought, vivo India, launched the third edition of the #SwitchOff campaign with a thought-provoking film that showcases how parents are missing out on being fully present in their children’s lives.

Based on vivo-CyberMedia Research (CMR) study reporting that 74% of parents feel that excessive usage of smartphones is impacting their relationship with children, the third edition of the brand’s #SwitchOff campaign focuses on the relationship dynamics of parents and children with respect to the omnipresence of smartphones in families.

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Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the campaign video encapsulates a heart-warming story featuring Jimmy Shergill and commences with a father-son duo sitting inside a moving car. Suddenly the child questions his personality calling himself a boring person as he is not getting along with his best friend. As the father probes further, he realizes that the child is referring to him as his best friend, and he is always busy on his smartphone. 

The film ends on a thought-provoking note as the father switches off his mobile device to recapture the joyous and heart-warming relationship he shares with his son.

Through a relatable situation, the brand sheds light on the importance of nurturing the parent-child relationship. With changing relationship dynamics, being fully present with the kids and spending some quality and precious time impacts the growing period of a child. To do this, switching off for a while is of utmost importance.

As we gear up for the New Year, vivo India attempts to spread the joy of priceless connections, aiming to sensitize the adults to inculcate healthy habits and shape the minds of future generations.