YouTube expands Shorts Fund & launches new features

YouTube Shorts

YouTube has shared a number of new features and development of Shorts in their monthly update on the short-form video tool and also announced the expansion of Shorts Fund dedicated to supporting creators.

The experiments and updates for Shorts have been announced by Creator Insider, the informal channel by YouTube. The experiments may not be widely available currently.

Sample Audio

YouTube had earlier launched the ability to sample up to 15 seconds of audio from eligible videos across YouTube. Now the platform has rolled out a few experiments for creators of the original videos who have Shorts created out of their content.

The video platform will be sending a link to the Shorts which was created using audio from their own content. They will receive one notification per day and a maximum of three per week. Creators can also view all Shorts created using their audio by clicking the pivot button in the bottom right corner of the Shorts player.

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Shorts Remix Card

This card will show how many Shorts have been created using the creators’ videos and a list of some of the most popular ones. The card will be launched in the coming weeks within Shorts Analytics, to provide creators with an understanding of how many remixes were made with their content and how many views did the remixes garner. The card is designed with the objective to provide the use of a creator’s content within other creators’ content.

Shorts Grid View

This update adds a new tab in Channel Pages and makes it easier for audiences to view Shorts from a channel. This experience is only available on YouTube Mobile.