YouTube Updates: New metrics in Analytics & more

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YouTube has announced ongoing experiments for creators, and new updates for creators, which include new analytics cards in YouTube Studio and a resource for potentialy harmful comments.

The experiments and updates have been announced by Creator Insider, the informal channel by YouTube. The experiments may not be widely available currently.

Hold For Review

The feature originally launched in 2017 in YouTube Studio, holds potentially inappropriate comments for review. These comments may include spam, or gibberish comments and soft promotions. In the new testing phase, Youtube would increase strictness and hold more comments for review under a stricter threshold for what is considered potentially inappropriate.

This feature is off by default and only a small group of creators would have access to it presently. Creators who are a part of this experiment can log in to YouTube Studio go to the ‘Community’ tab in the ‘Settings’ menu, click on ‘Defaults’ and then checkmark ‘Increase Strictness’.

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Analytics – Videos Growing Your Audience

The new metric which was launched in the testing phase is now available to all creators globally. The new metric in YouTube Analytics on desktop shows which videos are helping them grow their channel audience. It scrutinizes how many viewers return to a channel after watching a video and shows these videos in descending order.

Analytics – Shorts Remix Card

This card will be launched in December within Shorts Analytics, to provide creators with an understanding of how many remixes were made with their content and how many views did the remixes garner. The card is designed with the objective to provide the use of a creator’s content within other creators’ content.