[Download] Social Media Calendar 2022 by Social Samosa

Social Samosa
Jan 03, 2022 06:55 IST
Social Media Calendar 2022

Social Samosa presents Social Media Calendar 2022 - a curated handbook of all important events, birthdays, occassions, et al, enabling social media managers and all brand custodians in build their content bank ahead of time.

The free downloadable Social Media Calendar 2022 includes holidays, celebrity birthdays, and all days that stir conversations on social networks that brands can be a part of. With a content bank planned ahead, put your best foot forward and avoid the last-minute hassle when these occasions are trending on Twitter.

With most of the on-ground festivities moved online and social media being the hub of virtual celebrations, creating a content bank with polished campaigns helps brands in refraining from putting out mediocre work such as the festival's greetings on a stock image.

Brands and agency professionals can highlight their products and services in an enhanced manner and give a facelift to the brand connect and uniqueness of the campaigns and creatives. Planning, executing, and scheduling posts on all preferred marketing platforms also saves bandwidth for real-time topical trends, rebranding, and long-format campaigns, helping brands bolster their social media marketing strategy, and also avail resources for other verticals.

Whether it's an auspicious affair, a momentous festival, or a celebrity's birthday who would be in the news with their name trending, stay ready by bracing your brand with planned content. Download the Social Media Calendar 2022 now.

You can download the free calendar here: