Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer’s campaign ushers New Year with the spirit of ‘Keep Moving’

Johnnie Walker campaign

To inspire people towards new hopes, joys, and optimism as they move forward in 2022, Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer brings its global campaign to celebrate the spirit of New Year and urge citizens to continue moving with resilience and courage.

The New Year ushers in new hopes and positivity. Celebrating the New Year and newer joys, Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer brings its news global campaign, in a bid to inspire citizens towards a more positive future with its launch.

Through its latest chapter, Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer encourages people to keep moving through a New Year Anthem – a foot-tapping mash-up of popular songs that urge consumers to keep walking as they move on, overcoming one challenge after the other.

The campaign commences with the lines – “I only move forwards, never backwards darling” by Grace Jones, setting the tone of the video with the upbeat mashup, playing in the background. As the Anthem video proceeds, the brand unveils epic city takeovers and other cultural trailblazers, over city skylines and cultural hotspots around India. To do this, the brand set up a scintillating drone show, exhibiting the countdown for the New Year.

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As part of its New Year campaign, Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer hosted 500 drones that lit up the skyline to deliver the message of hope and prosperity. The Anthem video is Live on Television and digital platforms.

For over 20 years, the brand has attempted to keep the spirit of relentlessly moving forward, alive with its communication. Through its latest installment, Johnnie Walker aims to celebrate the resilience and the undying spirit of the forward movement.