Pinkvilla HallyuTalk Award reaches over 275 million fans in its maiden edition

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Pinkvilla HallyuTalk Award

Curated to recognize the popularity of Korean content and creators, the first edition of the Pinkvilla HallyuTalk Award celebrates the K-community across the globe - ranging from the Best K-Drama to the Best Actor in 2021-22.

HallyuTalk, the Korean content segment of Pinkvilla Media recently streamed the premiere of the Pinkvilla HallyuTalk Award show that went live on January 14, 2022. The event saw millions of viewers participating in the voting process. This included over 11 Mn engagement on social media with a reach of over 275 Mn, globally. 

The award show was featured on the official social media account of the Korean Cultural Centre India. 


To recognize the massive popularity and the followers of the Korean content across the world, the Pinkvilla HallyuTalk Awards ceremony announced winners across 13 different categories - ranging from Best Actor to Best K-Drama 2021. 

With its first edition, Pinkvilla intends to be one of the frontrunners to expand its horizons to celebrate the K-Community in India. As an example of an extensive reception of the award show, the announcement video for the Pinkvilla HallyuTalk Award show itself, garnered instant reposts from 300K+ fans across the globe within 30 minutes of its launch.

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Hwang Il-yong, Director, Korean Cultural Centre India, Culture and Press Counsellor, The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, commented, “On the behalf of the Korean government, I would like to appreciate Pinkvilla for holding the very first Korean Cultural Wave (Hallyu) fan-base survey event initiated by Indians. It is a very meaningful and historical event to be remembered as the first pioneer. We have also known and monitored Pinkvilla and operated a Korean dedicated entertainment news board on their site. We hope this Hallyu love and fever will flourish more in India through Pinkvilla.”

The concept of Hallyu or Korean Wave emphasizes the increased role and popularity of Korean pop music, drama, and other aspects like video games. In India, Korean content started gaining popularity in 2015 when a large number of young audiences started following K-Pop singers and watching K-Drama on several OTT platforms. Currently, India is one of the largest countries with a huge K-Pop and K-Drama fan following. 

The winners of the award show were announced on the basis of audience voting through online forms and social media platforms, which started on December 10, 2021, and came to an end on January 7, 2022. 

Expressing her views on the event, Nandini Shenoy, CEO of Pinkvilla Media, said, “Driven by the audience’s admiration for Korean entertainment, we decided to launch the premiere K-Culture Award show on January 14, 2022. The substantial response we have recorded now paves way for more ambitious projects that we wish to execute in the future. We have published outstanding Korean content over the years and we are looking forward to undertaking challenging roles that I reckon will establish Pinkvilla HallyuTalk as the biggest K-Content entertainment platform in India.”

Adding to this, Mukul Kumar Sharma, the COO of Pinkvilla Media Pvt. Ltd. said, “The idea of launching a Korean award show in India germinated after gauging the immense adulation that Korean content has been garnering worldwide. With our extensive coverage, we were one of the first few to explore the untapped potential K-Content brought about in India, a couple of years back. Pinkvilla HallyuTalk's strategic growth and the massive content engagement that our Korean awards have generated, has been overwhelming, and it encourages us to explore more ambitious and challenging opportunities in the near future.”

The digital award ceremony took place at the Pinkvilla Headquarters in Mumbai, India on January 14, 2022.

Pinkvilla Korean Section has currently more than 3 million unique audiences on the website and more than a million engagements on its social platform, making it one of the leading entertainment sites in the Korean segment. Pinkvilla Media is currently the leading digital creator with followers of more than 16 million on social media platforms and Unique readers with more than 29 million on its site yielding 150 million page visits and 300 million Ad impressions count.

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