YouTube Updates: New media kit for branded content & more

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YouTube media kit

YouTube has announced the launch of a new significant resource called Media Kit for creators dabbling with branded content campaigns amongst other updates.

The recent updates and features by YouTube have been announced by Creator Insider, the informal channel of the platform. This includes the media kit and Read-only Permissions where the media kit is only available to creators who are a part of the YPP or YouTube Partner Program.

Read-Only Permissions

Read-Only Permissions for comments on Studio Mobile have been rolled out for users with viewer permissions enabled on a channel. This feature will be rolled out to all creators by the end of next week.

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Media Kit

Media Kit is a resource that highlights tools to support the creation and distribution of branded content through YouTube BrandConnect, a service mediating brand and creator collaborations for branded content on the platform. It can be accessed in YouTube Studio's BrandConnect section in the monetization tab. To access the dashboard that will provide the media kit, the Creators would have to sign up and accept terms and conditions on the platform.

Further, the resource will be available to creators who are a part of the YouTube Partner Program. It hosts a bundle of features including new audience planning tools that would help the creator to share a summarized overview with the advertisers to help them understand their audience.

Key channel stats, banners, bio, demographics, audience information, and videos that contain paid promotions will be available on the landing page of the media kit. Aggregated data of audience and their shopping interests collected from viewer activity on YouTube will also be displayed that can further help the advertisers to get insights into a channel's audience.

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