Case Study: How HQ’s branded content campaign with TTT garnered a 5.6% engagement rate

branded content campaign

HQ from the Navneet Education collaborated with Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) for its #CarveYourNiche campaign focussed on popularizing the Navneet HQ journal through the means of branded content.

This case study explores how HQ from Navneet Education Limited released the #CarveYourNiche campaign, attempting to drive the use of Navneet HQ journals through relatable stories created by TTT as a part of the branded content campaign.

Brand Introduction

HQ is the latest office stationery brand from the house of Navneet Education Limited. It is targeted towards executives and young achievers who appreciate well-designed and crafted products. It aims to offer products that are elegant and timeless in terms of design. The materials used to produce these products are handpicked by our sourcing team and are of world-class quality.

The brand intends to inspire its users to keep writing and expressing themselves, unconditionally using creativity and in the process creating a self-belief for themselves. This self-belief helps them to Carve their own special niche in their lives.


HQ kickstarted its campaign, ‘Carve Your Niche’ with Terribly Tiny Tales to celebrate those who love to carve their special niche through the expression of their thoughts. This campaign was intended to bring out the inspiration to put down the ideas on a piece of paper and create treasures troves of memories, conversations, and creativity.

The initiative highlighted how a diary or a journal can be a companion one wishes to have. The posts curated for this campaign captured the essence of how beautiful it is to spend time with thoughts and dreams while penning them down. The conversations as part of the Carve Your Niche campaign went live on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.

Problem Statement/Objective

As a brand, HQ has always chosen a path of showcasing how its products help users to unleash their thinking, expression, and creativity. Through this campaign, it was an opportunity to make the audience aware of the product offerings of the brand with their own philosophy of Carve Your Niche.


The brand’s core offering is books to make notes for office or personal use. The brief was to help its users feel inspired. It could be by the way users can express themselves by writing in their HQ book or even through the perceived value of the book while they are carrying it, or gifting to someone.

Creative Idea

To inspire people, #CarveYourNiche came into being in an attempt to capture the required vibe of the target audience. To do this, the brand collaborated with Terribly Tiny Tails (TTT). TTT’s storytelling platform was a perfect place and way to bring out real-life stories of each one of those who are aiming to make a difference in their lives or careers.


  • HQ from Navneet Education Limited also makes for a perfect gift. The challenge was to marry the personal use v/s the gifting angle – the two purposes while catering to two different mindsets.
  • Another challenge was to not get preachy in communication but voice the real-life emotions and more of the TG.


To bring the HQ by Navneet Education Limited awareness campaign to life, the brand collaborated with Terribly Tiny Tales in November when it began and the campaign concluded in the last week of January. It was executed across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. The brand chose these platforms to reach the right set of audiences and create a buzz.

The campaign idea revolved around the importance of penning down your thoughts on a piece of paper. This could range from expressing your suppressed thoughts to happy memories. Thus, the campaign urged its users to utilize journals as their companions for sharing thoughts in times of need and whenever necessary.

As the brand shared a slew of social media posts around the idea of writing down your thoughts on journals, it also attempted to drive home its objective of establishing journals as a perfect gifting product to share the feelings on the papers.

The social media posts in the quintessential TTT design and tonality aimed to bring out out real-life instances, keeping the relatability of situations, intact.

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A combination of text and animated posts ended with CTAs to shop the premium journals, redirecting the viewers to the brand’s website.



  • The brand garnered 5.1 Mn reach on Terribly Tiny Tales handles and 19.5 Mn on brand’s own handles
  • Engagement Rate (by reach) was 5.6% and 3% (ttt and brand’s handles)


The brand received an engagement rate of over 5%. Some of the comments talked about how the stories resonated with their life stories and the thoughts that they have in their minds.


Abhijit Sanyal, Chief Strategy Officer, HQ, said, “Our premium journals have found a great platform to connect to the right audience and remind them to spend time with their own thoughts. We have established an incredible association with Terribly Tiny Tales to celebrate the power of words. Our products are curated with an aim to provide impeccable utility for consumers with diverse tastes and preferences. This campaign is for those who wish to pen down their stories and conversations through an effortless writing experience”