LinkedIn Lite to be removed from Android app stores


LinkedIn Lite, the abbreviated version of the main app with limited functionalities is being discontinued and removed from the Android app stores. The app version would be deactivated on 15th March 2022.

LinkedIn mentions the Lite version of the app was designed for developing countries such as India and regions with weaker internet bandwidth, lower internet usage, or slower speed.

First launched in 2017, the app was integral in providing essential features, but the main version of this app has steadily grown, and in India alone, the growth of the full version of the app has grown 4x the global average.

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The platform received feedback from developing regions with users stating that the main app with features such as the full suite of messaging tools and customization options would now be better suited to fulfill their needs.

Therefore, LinkedIn Lite has been removed from Android app stores as of 27th January 2022, and the Lite app will be deactivated on 15th March 2022. The platform is presently focussing on transitioning users to the full version app or mobile web experience. All the users’ connections, messages, and profile details would remain intact and they can access the main using the same logins.

Additionally, the mobile web experience has also been improved with a few additional features being integrated such as messaging tools and dark mode while keeping the experience lightweight and bandwidth-friendly.