Meta introduces updated 3D Avatars for apps

Paawan Sunam
Feb 02, 2022 04:53 IST
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Meta 3D Avatars

Meta has shared updates on the development of the new 3D Avatars with facial shapes and assistive devices for differently-abled users, its rollout on Facebook and Messenger and launch in Instagram Stories and DMs.

Along with the launch and expansion of 3D Avatars, Meta has also partnered with NFL for the league's fans. 3D Avatars on Instagram Stories and DMs are currently only available in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Initially launched a couple of years ago, Avatars allow users to create a digital persona that’s uniquely representative of them and enables them to share a range of expressions in a personalized way. Users in India can create a cartoon-like version of themselves by choosing from a variety of faces, hairstyles, and outfits specifically customized for India.

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With the new update, facial shapes and skin shaders have been adjusted to process a more authentic avatar. Meta has added new eyes and noses, beards and hairstyles, outfits, body types, and more. The company mentions more additions would be integrated into the Avatar throughout 2022.

Users can set an avatar as their Facebook profile picture, or share them in comments, stickers, stories, and more. Previously created avatars will appear in 3D, and the new avatars would be designed to match the previous choices along with more options to edit the avatar. Users now also have the option to create three different avatars, for Facebook and Messenger, another for Instagram, and a third for VR.

Meta has also partnered with NFL with Super Bowl LVI coming up, and until February 28, users will be able to outfit their avatar to support the Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams, or also don a neutral Super Bowl LVI shirt.

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