Twitter Updates: Reply via DMs, Super Follow notifications, & more

Paawan Sunam
Feb 08, 2022 09:54 IST
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Twitter Updates

Twitter has announced a few updates including Super Follow notifications for subscribers on iOS, amongst others. The platform is also testing a new feature that lets users reply to Tweet authors through DMs and more.

The updates by Twitter for Super Follow, and more have been officially announced, but accessibility to these updates are subjective as they are being tested with select groups.

Super Follow Notifications

Twitter users on iOS can now enable notifications for subscriber-only Tweets from accounts they Super Follow. When they click on the bell icon to turn on notifications, they can select 'Super Follow only Tweets' and get notified for exclusive Tweets posted b the account.

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Reply via DM

Twitter was testing a new feature that allowed users to reply to Tweet directly via direct messages. Twitter received a feedback from the test group and states that the users can limit who can DM them through settings, quality filters, and more.

Downvotes For Replies

Twitter is also testing downvotes for replies to understand replies that users don't find relevant, now this test is being expanded, and more users on the web, iOS, and Android would have access to this feature. The downvotes are not publicly visible but help Twitter understand the type of content users want to see.

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