Webinar: The Role of ‘Open Web’ in India’s Digital Future by Outbrain 

Social Samosa
Feb 01, 2022 00:18 IST
The Open Web

Learn all you need to know about the Open Web and its relevance for the future – in the Indian Media and Advertising industry through this upcoming Webinar.

In collaboration with Social Samosa, Outbrain is organizing a webinar on demystifying the Open Web for the Indian Media & Advertising industry. The exclusive webinar will include insightful sessions helmed by experienced panelists, in an attempt to bring more clarity on the fundamentals of the Open Web and its applications in the industry.

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Key Sessions

What is ‘The Open Web’

This session will focus on decoding The Open Web for the industry – from democratizing the use of the Internet to what it means for advertisers and marketers. 

Panel Members

Leveraging The Open Web Amidst Crisis & Beyond

This session will focus on how marketers should leverage the discovery platforms amidst crisis while staying ready in challenging times with sustenance plans and more.

Panel Members

  • Moderator   Allen Sharma, Director Sales India, Outbrain
  • Guest Speaker 1 – Sunil Nair, CEO, Firework India
  • Guest Speaker 2 - Deepak Karnani, Director, OneNative Advertising Pvt Ltd

As we brace forward in 2022, the Webinar by Outbrain in collaboration with Social Samosa intends to prepare the attendees for the future, which is largely digital. 

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