Agency Feature – Wit and Chai

Wit and Chai

Who are we?

Wit and Chai Media LLP is a full-service agency based in Pune, established in 2018 by entrepreneurs Mohit Ghate, Nahush Gulawani, and Nihar Kolapkar who understand the market as consumers. We are a young and resourceful team of 25 and our main focus is optimum and creative usage of media channels as per the needs of the brand.

What’s in the name?

When we got to the core of it and stimulated our brain muscles, we realized that ‘Wit’ and ‘Chai’ are 2 things that our company cannot function without. For us, Wit also stands for innovation and boundless child-like imagination and Chai is the superpower serum that aids us in our imagination process.

What we do?

At Wit and Chai, we have built an array of services: Branding and Packaging: We strive to provide a unique identity to your product/service and make it stand out from others in the market. Our packaging service makes the product attractive and appealing for the purpose of brand identification. We professionally design and assess the logo, font, colours that complement your brand and help in establishing trust and loyalty amongst your customers.

Integrated Marketing Solutions: By seamless coordination of marketing efforts across multiple communication channels, our IMC services encompass both, traditional and digital media that provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communication impact. Digital Content Solutions: In today’s digital era, online content creation is the need of the hour. Our digital content solutions will help you identify, target, and reach across a variety of devices with communication messages and content that is relevant to your target audience. This will not only help you increase your online presence but also drive the right customers to your business.

Video Production and Photography: Videography and Photography are the best ways to create an impact in the era of digitalization. From conceptualization to execution, we will help you create visually appealing videos and images with the help of our in-house Production Department. Short films or Instagram Reels, we can give you customized packages as per your requirement!

Technology and Design Development: Under this service, we can develop AR (Augmented Reality) Filters, chatbots, build and maintain websites catered to your needs like web designing, website programming, content developing, website publishing, and database management. We will help you build websites that help you attract and keep customers.

Media Planning and Buying: We identify, strategize, negotiate and select optimum media platforms to place paid advertisements and develop a coordinated plan according to the advertising budget. We closely identify the when, where, and how often to run advertisements to maximize engagements and ROI.

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Why we do it?

Advertising used to be impactful & witty and had an amazing recall value attached to it. In the transition phase from traditional media to digital platforms, the quirk and ‘wit’ got lost and it all became too mathematical and sales-oriented. We wanted to get that wit back. So, we decided to enter this industry and create advertisements that we, as consumers, would love to see.

How we evolve?

Evolution in any business is based on three core pillars.

  • Enthusiasm of staff
  • Access to knowledge
  • Support of management

We implement all three in order to ensure that we are at the absolute cutting edge of advertising.

For example, we were one of the first agencies to spot, figure out and execute a campaign in Augmented Reality on Instagram.

Social responsibility in social media

At Wit and Chai, we don’t take up clients promoting alcohol, smoking, and other derogatory habits. We also avoid taking up political clientele because we don’t want to influence people at a level where it has an adverse effect on the functioning of our society. To quote Don Draper from his famous letter: Why I’m Quitting Tobacco. “Here was my chance to be someone who could sleep at night, because I know what I’m selling doesn’t kill my customers.”

Need of the hour

Being consumers ourselves, we understood the importance of privacy and how it gets exploited on social media. We feel that we need to have stringent privacy laws in place so that the digital place can be a much safer space for consumers.

We learned the hard way

Not all brands appreciate good advertising and disruption is not always mandatory for effective advertising.

Did we just share that?

A client asked for (not exaggerated) 17 revisions of the same creative and ended up approving the original creative.

They work with us

Wit and Chai Media, has worked with significant brand names in India such as Swiggy, McDonald’s, MTV, Red Bull, Amul, and Chitale Bhandu Mithaiwale.

Industry as we foresee

Massive democratization of content creation is a key change that will emerge throughout the industry. A room full of people creating content has a limit on the number of ideas. More people will start creating content for brands. The ‘hard selling’ part of advertising will also become extinct as the advertising will become a part of the content the consumer wants to consume. Brainless and sales-y advertising is on its way to extinction.

A day without Internet

A day without the internet would be declared as a holiday at the agency.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re hiring people in all divisions of the company. We are also hiring people that come from job experience in any field of art other than advertising, but want to explore advertising as creative channelization of their abilities.