Arranged Marriage is scary, what if you see your partner in brand creatives

Arranged Marriage creatives

Arranged Mariage is scary and social media users are analyzing all the consequences that may befall them, while brand creatives are attending this ceremony with promotional integrations presented in a humorous way.

With specific origins unknown, the Arranged Marriage template first surfaced on meme pages with several memes referencing scenarios from popular movies and series where the arrangement had been a mishap. Brand creatives follow the same route but with references around their product usage or relating to the brand or their consumers.

TrulyMadly, the dating app, chances upon this trend quite suitable for their brand communications by including stills from scenes etched in pop culture. Red Chillies Entertainment surfs in the topical wave by promoting movies from their catalogue.

Oral-B India outlines a dental habit that can be a dealbreaker in relationships. Zomato and Domino’s Pizza India carve eating habits that are scarier than an arranged marriage. Zostel treks on the type of travellers you would not want your partner to be.

More brands portray the scary things about arranged marriage with creatives

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Red Chillies Entertainment

Oral-B India



Domino’s Pizza India

Square Yards

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