Asian Paints ‘Where The Heart Is Season 5’ comes to a close with heartwarming tales of celebrity homes

Asian Paints Where the heart is

As Asian Paints brings Season 5 of their content IP, ‘Where The Heart Is’, the series unveils the stories of celebrity homes and attempts to take the viewers on their journey of building a heavenly abode.

Our hearts are indeed interwoven in innumerable memories that form our homes. In the last 18+months, people seem to have come closer to these abodes as they spend more time with their loved ones. Taking this narrative ahead, Asian Paints launched season 5 of their original content IP, ‘Where The Heart Is’. The show showcases glimpses of the innumerable tales from these houses that include intricate details and memories inspiring décor, as an extension of their lives and personalities.

As depicted in the earlier seasons, the viewers are taken into the exclusive sojourn by celebrities into their private spaces with inspirational ideas of home décors amongst others. 

The series kickstarted with Suniel Shetty in the first episode that went live on 31st January 2022. Sharing a sneak-peek of his home, Shetty highlights how he is close to the earthy elements of browns, rust, and greens. He believes that only when you create the magic at your home can you create the magic outside. The video ends with Shetty as he concludes, “Home is about being happy, being able to do what I want to do, and being able to be who I am.”

While continuing to highlight the relevance of the brand natively, the next episode takes the audience through the opulent home of Guru Randhawa. With a vibrant aura, Randhawa’s home focused on places for relaxation and glimpses of art and objects. Each of the corners showcased the journey of the artist with a mix of artifacts that highlight his roots to luxuriant spaces that seem to feel welcoming to the people with artistic energy.

A glasshouse in the heart of nature – that is what the third episode showcases with Abhay Deol as the host for his seemingly larger-than-life abode. Keeping the environment of the house reflective of his persona, Deol took the viewers on a tour that brought forth a combination of introspective, meditative, and rustic vibes. Freedom nature and greens define Deol’s mansion.

The fourth episode is all about the personal space of Remo & Lizelle D’Souza. It takes us through a home of memories, love, and moments. The cozy corners with warm tones traverse through the journey of the couple growing old, together. “Start your dream with your dream home” is what the self-made couple believes and follows in their life.

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With warm tones and a welcoming vibe, Hydari’s home in the fifth episode is inspired by her home in Hyderabad and childhood memories such as her favourite doll’s house. With minimalistic designs and intimate setups, her home harbors some intricate artworks that focus on quality over quantity. She believes in finding harmony in chaos, in tandem with the feel and décor of Hydari’s abode.

The sixth episode attempts to capture the story behind the home of the lively pair – Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi. According to Dhupia, a home is something that narrates many stories. This is what the couple seems to have kept in mind while designing their house full of warmth and hues of white.

With a sense of discovery, ‘Where The Heart Is’ original series that delves deeply into the untold stories of the popular celebrities who have carved their journey in the industry. The series successfully weaves in the idea with the ethos of Asian Paints, as part of the brand’s content marketing strategy. 

Commenting on the show, Amit Syngle, MD and CEO, Asian Paints Limited, said, “We are thrilled to launch Season 5 of the much-loved series, Asian Paints Where The Heart Is. This season is special as it features some very inspiring stories of self-made personalities that have been ruling the hearts of their fans. We are delighted to be giving followers of the series, a chance to see the personal side and vulnerable moments of their favorite celebrities. The series has also allowed our consumers a platform to derive inspiration and create aspirations to design beautiful homes of their own. At Asian Paints, we believe a house is a true depiction of a person’s character, hence, the mood, style, and indulgence of this show makes the viewer feel the love and labor that goes into designing every space up close.”

Joshua Karthik, Series Creator & CEO, Stories in Motion, said, “This is a project that’s truly close to our hearts, as it allows us to tell real stories of the all-too-real people behind the personas we know them by. Especially this year, we were moved by so many of these stories personally. Shooting these beautiful people and their beautiful homes during the pandemic was a challenge that we took on with the strong support of Asian Paints and the stars themselves, and we can’t wait to see audiences react to these stories with love this season.

By seamlessly integrating the relevance of the product with the heart of the homes through celeb tales, the brand manages to touch upon the emotional chords of the audiences.