Case Study: How Skybags garnered 29 mn+ reach ft. Remo D'Souza generating UGC with its rap anthem & engagement campaign

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Mar 14, 2022 11:30 IST
Skybags engagement campaign

Launching a rap anthem for Gen-Z to celebrate the reunion with friends in schools and colleges, Skybags released a phase-wise engagement campaign. The brand roped in Remo D'Souza to launch a contest campaign to drive recall, paving the way for UGC.

This case study explores how Skybags engagement campaign leveraged social media platforms with celebrities and influencers to execute its #MyDripMySkybags. Keeping Gen-Z in focus, the initiative celebrates the #BackToNormal phase where the young people reunite with friends in schools and colleges.

Category Introduction

According to the research conducted by Euromonitor, it has been projected that the overall luggage industry in India is estimated to be around INR 9000 Cr. in 2021, and the backpack industry is projected to be around INR 3100 CR and is slated for future industry growth.

Brand Introduction

Skybags is a youth-centric brand with a mission to make its consumers move in style everywhere, every time, offering distinctive designs, innovative features, and aesthetics led by the ever-evolving world of Gen-Z. Skybags aims to embrace all these characteristics with much élan. The contemporary youth juggles so much, with ease and style which is the core connect with the brand's offerings for its consumers – stylish and functional, discerning but playful and fun.


To celebrate the #BackToNormal phase in schools and colleges, Skybags launched its rap anthem for the Gen-Z. This was followed by an engagement campaign - a contest aimed to strike a chord with the Gen-Z, excited to reunite with friends. As part of the initiative, #MyDripMySkybags campaign, the users were urged to participate in a dance contest led by Remo D'souza. The winners stood a chance to win a cash prize of ₹ 1,00,000 or Skybags backpack signed by Remo.

Keeping Gen-Z in mind, the song features Manan Sachdeva, Foram Oza, Himanshu Dulani, and Shhaifali Chauhan. It is choreographed by Shashank Dogra.

Problem Statement/Objective

Post the second wave of the pandemic when the country started to unfold and go back to normalcy, colleges were also looking at opening their campuses. Every student was excited to go back to the campus and enjoy their college life. At this time, the brand saw this as an opportunity to be a part of this phase of normalcy and help aid these students to celebrate this journey.

To come back in full throttle and excitement, Skybags launched its engagement campaign


  • To reconnect with the college-going audience after the pandemic
  • To help build relevant engagement for the brand

Creative Idea

Tapping into the right moment, for the #MyDripMySkybags campaign, the brand launched a rap anthem aimed at showcasing the excitement of going back to campus and showing off individual style quotient with Skybags. The song #MyDripMySkybags aims to depict the enthusiasm amongst the Gen Z audience getting ready for the new normal. It is a depiction of being able to finally step out of their homes, meeting friends in person, resume what used to be the normal life, and enjoy the moments.

The campaign was split into two phases. The objective of phase one was to introduce the main film and get the audience grooving to the peppy music beats of the song and for them to show off their drip. The second phase was targeted to reach out to the mass audience and to drive higher engagement using a key collaboration.


The pandemic saw most brands shift their marketing budgets to digital platforms paving way for a cluttered scenario. Hence, the challenge was to break through the clutter and ensure capturing maximum eyeballs. This was done through the campaign face, Remo with massive youth followers to drive visibility and mass reach.

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The Skybags engagement campaign was executed in two phases. The first phase saw the launch of the rap anthem on 6th December 2021 to celebrate the #BackToNormal period with Gen-Z reuniting with friends in schools and colleges.

The campaign also witnessed on-point targeting through media ad placements wherein the brand focused on the right cohorts & the behavior of the audience. With relatable content creation that could translate into measurable results, more consumable content was created like reels, stories & interactive videos. Emailers were sent to a huge audience pool, with the help of the databases present with the brand.

This was followed by relatable real-life meme posts for Gen-Z on social media platforms and YouTube.

The second phase witnessed Gen-Z to groove to the anthem hook step with the hashtag of #MyDripMySkybags led by ace choreographer, producer & director, Remo D'Souza.

As part of the Skybags engagement campaign, the participants had to perform the hook step from the song “My Drip My Skybags” in the most creative way possible and tag the brand on their Facebook and Instagram handles using the hashtag, #MyDripMySkybags.

People participated from across the country, paving way for UGC as people challenged and tagged more people, as part of the campaign. The top 20 winners got the opportunity to win a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000 and get signed backpacks by Remo D'Souza.

The contest ran for 15 days across Instagram and Facebook.

As an extension to the Skybags engagement campaign, influencers also participated for mass amplification and reach. The brand received entries from across the country, enabling them to reach out to a whole new set of audiences.


  • Entries - 145+
  • Reach - 29.3 Mn+
  • Views - 43.5 Mn+
  • Engagement - 5.2 Mn+

Praful Gupta, Head of Marketing, VIP Industries Ltd. said, “Skybags has always valued innovation. We’ve been trendsetters with our novel product lines & communication. At Skybags, we believe in the philosophy of ‘Move in Style’. To turn this thought into action, we launched the brand anthem, #MyDripMySkybags across all our channels of communication. We wanted to translate the product’s youthful vibe and fun through engagement with our core audience – Gen Z."

He added, "An amplified social media reach further facilitated us in creating a unique experience that allowed us to reach out to a larger set of audience. The idea was to get our Gen Z audience to own their style and flex it. We are witnessing a massive potential in the backpack category that is emerging as the go-to piece of accessories for every youngster. With this campaign, we have certainly established a stronger presence in this space.”

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