DDB Mudra Group appoints Anand Murty & Mehak Jaini as Strategy Chiefs, India

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Mar 31, 2022 03:57 IST
DDB Mudra Group

In the new role, Anand Murty and Mehak Jaini will help DDB Mudra Group to shape and track the consumer journey while combining the fundamentals of brand planning with the demands of digital transformation for clients.

DDB Mudra Group has announced Anand Murty and Mehak Jaini as the Strategy Chiefs of DDB Mudra and 22feet Tribal Worldwide, respectively. They will lead the group’s promise of a cohesive view across advertising, digital marketing, and media. The company’s structure offers strategists an opportunity to shape and track the entire consumer journey. Their teams will marry the fundamentals of brand planning - a deep understanding of culture and consumers with the demands of digital transformation for brands.

Anand and Mehak are also part of DDB Worldwide’s Global Strategic Council which aims to bring together the best and brightest of the network’s strategy leaders. 

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Anand Murty, National Strategy Head, DDB Mudra, said, “It is an absolute privilege to lead the strategy team at DDB Mudra and build the network’s strategic product with a partner like Mehak. The agenda is to continue to build a team that helps drive growth for our clients and partners with creative to deliver on Unexpected Works – on repeat. I look forward to continuing the momentum on DDB’s effectiveness charter and the deep work on insights and culture that has enabled us to build some solid work across our vast and diverse client portfolio.”

Mehak Jaini, National Strategy Head, 22feet Tribal Worldwide, added, “The timing couldn’t be better. With traditional business experimenting with their digital presence, and digitally native brands challenging what qualifies as marketing - be it exclusive experiences, metaverse extensions, or NFTs; an integrated strategy agenda like ours ensures no client is left behind. And with Anand’s team of brand & communication strategists, and 22feet’s specialist teams of digital evangelists, technologists, brand and business analysts, SEO & listening experts, data nerds and media mavericks, the full funnel wins are ripe for reaping. Looking forward to redefining what strategy can do for creative agencies.” 

Speaking of this change of guard, Aditya Kanthy, CEO & MD, DDB Mudra Group, said, “We’re so excited about Anand and Mehak taking charge of the strategy department at the Group. They are the key to the kind of success we want to create for our people and clients. From brilliant creative work and beautiful, seamless experiences through to measured and disproportionate brand and business growth – the strategists are at the heart of the action here.  While one part of the task is to bring changes to the ways of traditional marketers, equally, they will help bring the basics of brand building and consumer thinking to help set a foundation for long-term sustainable growth for digitally forward companies.”

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