Gucci Beauty Network focusses on getting female representation right

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Gucci beauty Network, a campaign to promote Gucci Makeup lipstick collection overthrows the flawless beauty standards and highlights imperfection as the archetype of genuine beauty.

Directed by Sean Vegezzi, and creative directed by Alessandro Michele and shot by Martin Parr, the Gucci campaign features models Achok Majak, Mae Lapres, Ellia Sophia, and the punk singer Dani Miller.


The soundtrack used is Situation by Yazoo, art direction by Christopher Simmonds, and makeup by Thomas de Kluyver.

All forms of media adhere to and promote certain standards of beauty, the hourglass figure, glowing skin, lustrous hair, and perfect teeth. There are several ecosystems promoting it and thriving on the exploitation of these standards.

Advertising is also one of the mediums that have been conforming to these norms. There are very few campaigns and brands that do not give in to and promote conventional beauty standards. When was the last time you saw a beauty ad that didn't promote perfection? You might have to think hard.

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With the objective of triggering evolved beauty ideals, this Gucci campaign is one of the very few brands that get representation right. The video follows a retro theme with close-ups of each woman featured.

The brand mentioned, "Parr conveys this idea in a way that echoes his own documentary-style oeuvre which spans five decades. Referencing the collection’s inspiration of vintage Hollywood movie stars, the campaign constructs a narrative that merges this theme with a surreal dream sequence presented as an 80s aesthetic of irony, humor, and playfulness.".

One of the print and static digital ads from the campaign that stood out was the one that featured Dani Miller's teeth, this ad created a lot of stir for its eccentricity, and was also touted to empower more women.

She mentioned that growing up she felt the intense pressure of fitting into the mainstream standards and was also often bullied. "Hope it inspires everyone especially the youth to love their quirks even more and feel beautiful and powerful with their true self! Hate and exclusion is so washed out".

Alike Dani, several women face bullying on a recurrent basis, physical appearance has often been found to be a primary reason for bullying, and also low self-esteem among women, which often leads them to resort to botox, skin-bleaching, and more of such activities.

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