Instagram brings back chronological feed

Instagram Feed

Instagram has launched two new chronological tabs for Feed and users can switch between ‘Following’ and ‘Favorites’, to tailor their experience and view posts in a chronological order.

Instagram users and creators have long had concerns with algorithms and recommendation systems of the Feed; users stated they would rather view the posts in chronological order as the algorithms keep showing posts based on likes, and users liked the posts because those were the only type they would see, creating a loop of a limited variety of content.

Creators would complain that apparently the reach of their posts dies due to changing algorithms and a certain percentage of followers would not even see their posts on the Feed.

Recommendations on Feed are largely based on interests and interactions of the users with these posts, but with this change, any distortions caused by the user experience may be discarded.

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Users can create a customized Feed by adding users and accounts to a ‘Favorites’ list and scroll through the Feed that shows posts from these accounts higher up in the timeline. Users can add up to 50 accounts to the Favorites list, and make changes to this list at any time. Posts from accounts on the list will also show up higher in the home feed with a star icon.


This tab shows posts from all accounts followed, including Favorites, in chronological order. Users will be able to see all recent posts in this type of Feed.