OYO urged people to #LetLoveIn, this Valentine’s Day

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For Valentine’s Day - OYO India released a multimedia campaign based on its global communication theme of #LetLoveIn. The campaign saw OYO organizing a webinar which would serve as a two-hour Valentine getaway for its participants. 

What’s worse than a Monday? When Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday. Based on this insight OYO India rolled out their V-Day campaign, #LetLoveIn. A part of their global communication theme, the #LetLoveIn campaign leveraged fun elements of pop culture to weave a relatable narrative. 

The animated campaign urged consumers to follow their hearts and ‘Let Love In’, in a fun and engaging way. A story between ‘Love’ and ‘Monday’ the campaign video showed how a forlorn ‘Monday’ falls to the charms and eccentricities of ‘Love’, losing track of time and enjoying the ‘Love’ in the air.  

Further, crafting the great escape for their fans and followers, OYO created an intriguing initiative that would allow professionals to take some time off on the fated Monday and share it with their valentine.

OYO in association with Social Samosa announced a two-hour session - L.O.V.E or Lessons On Vertical Expansion, scheduled to go live on Valentine’s Day. The alleged event was slated to feature industry leaders as they would speak about the importance of work-life balance.

When the participants logged in, they were surprised by the speakers who shared how this was a gift from OYO - as this was no seminar but a chance for viewers to take a break, while according to their managers they were “attending a session.”

As a part of the activation, the brand roped in industry veterans and pop culture icons such as Karishma Mehta, CEO, Humans of Bombay, Divija Bhasin (AKA awkwardgoat3), Counselling Psychologist and Content Creator, Abhinav Kumar, Vice President – Marketing, Paytm, and Sidharth Rao, Group CEO, dentsu mcgarrybowen.

In the two-hour “session” the foursome had some fun, as they discussed love, life, work, and everything in between, every once in a while reiterating how this is not a seminar but a two-hour Valentine getaway for every participant who has logged in.

As a pre-buzz to the alleged session, OYO and Social Samosa did a number of mailers and posts, reaching out to their Target Audience through the right mediums. In addition to participation registration, the participants also had the option to make their bosses aware about the upcoming seminar, making it the perfect excuse.

OYO also released an overarching campaign under #LetLoveIn with a print ad. Highlighting how love is not restricted to any language, people on 14th February were greeted with a newspaper ad from the brand. As a part of the print campaign which was released in nine languages - Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi and Kannada - OYO shared poetic verses capturing the true essence of love. The print campaign also sported a QR code that added a level of engagement to their communication.

OYO, thus brought a series of activations that not only encouraged consumers with #LetLoveIn, but also helped the brand stand out in a sea of Valentine’s Day campaigns.

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