Reddit introduces Discover tab to enable users in finding content & communities easily

Paawan Sunam
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Reddit Discover

Reddit has rolled out the new Discover tab by acting on the feedback received from users that wished to find more communities and new content. This navigational tool is the first rollout of a new tab in nearly two years.

During initial testing, Reddit observed one in five people join at least one new community after using the Discover Tab. Jason Costa, Director of Product for Content and Communities at Reddit, shared "We’re ushering in a new era of discovery on Reddit, with images and video top of mind. We’re making discovering relevant content and communities more intuitive with the Discover Tab. It’s a great new way for people to explore and engage with hundreds of thousands of communities around the world.”

How Discover Tab Works

Reddit tailors each users' Discover Tab to surface what the platform thinks they’ll enjoy the most. What is displayed is based on communities they’re already a part of as well as time spent. For example, if a redditor subscribes to and spends a significant amount of time in football and baseball subs, Discover Tab will prompt them with other sports-related content.

To access the Discover Tab, users can tap on the new compass icon on the bottom bar – to the right of the home button. At the top of the Discover Tab, users can filter the feed to a specific topic to find new content and communities. Underneath the topic filters is the feed where content is shown. To ensure that the feed improves over time, feedback mechanisms have been added that allow people to select: "show me more of this content, show me less of that content, and hide that content".

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New Community and Profile Drawers

Once users discover and join new communities, they can also keep them organized with the new Community and Profile Drawers to make it easier for users to prioritize the communities they care about most.

Community Drawers

By tapping the drop-down menu at the top left on the home screen, users can get to their communities and custom feeds faster than before. The Community Drawer is divided into four sections:

  • “Moderating entry points” in which moderators can see their mod feed, mod queue, and the subreddits they moderate
  • “Your communities” where the communities redditors subscribe to can be sorted and customized
  • “Following” which shows accounts a user follows
  • The “r/all” entry point

Profile Drawers

Reddit is also introducing a Profile Drawer where users can access their profile and customize it by swiping left or tapping on their profile icon at the top right of the home screen.