The Pink Foundry spreads the message of ‘You are stronger than you think’ in Women’s Day Campaign

The Pink Foundry campaign

Featuring personalities like Aisha Ahmed, Akanksha Sharma, Kritika Kamra, amongst others, The Pink Foundry’s recent campaign showcases these brave hearts talking about their everyday victories as they highlight what strength truly means to them.

Real strength emanates from not just huge achievements but in finding joy in everyday triumphs. As women continue to make a mark in various fields, they also understand the power they hold. Keeping a focus on life’s ordinary but game-changing moments, The Pink Foundry releases its International women’s day campaign, celebrating the fortitude and spirit of these strong women.

Featuring women like Aisha Ahmed, Esha Shetty, Prableen Kaur, Ayesha Billimoria, Akanksha Sharma, Kritika Kamra, amongst others, The Pink Foundry’s #YouAreStrongerThanYouThink showcases small clips as the women speak about the meaning of strength for them and what inspires them to pursue their goals.

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The campaign video kickstarted with these celebrities asking a simple question to women – ‘When was the last time you realized that you are stronger than you think?’. This was followed by the women reminiscing and sharing their experiences when they found themselves second-guessing themselves or were doubtful if they could get through. From combating the insecurities around acne to facing the real world of auditions, these women shared how weak they felt but made it through with flying colors.

With each of the moments, they realized their resilience, strength, and independence while conquering their respective battles and shining through in the testing moments. The campaign ends on a heartwarming note that life might bog you down but sometimes all you have to do is just show up to realize that you are stronger than you think.

Through real-life instances, the skincare brand weaves in its philosophy of self-realization. urging women to embrace and accept their inner strength/power through myriads of challenges in life.

Speaking about the campaign, Niloni Shah, Founder at The Pink Foundry says, “For long the world is used to celebrating extraordinary incidents as a showcase for strength and power – climbing mountains, achieving awards or winning competitions. I realized that nobody talks about the silent show of courage we exude in what we go through every day.” Often, these small but significant moments are game-changing. Whether it is looking after your home and loved ones or literally just “showing up” at work when you’re having an unbearably bad day. She adds, “We want to celebrate you and your fortitude today – in whatever you do. You are stronger than you think.“