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Who are we?

The dynamic duo Sonali Wyawhare & Nikita Jain, a.k.a the Co-founders, are the seamless extension of the digital marketing & design agency SYNC accompanied by a young and creative team that uses their experience to design a thorough, unique marketing approach.

SYNC specializes in building brands with a digital edge, creative design, and a thriving online presence as an agency. We are always on the lookout to provide brands with best-in-class marketing technologies & ideas. 

Team Sync generates Emotions, Purpose, and Brand Awareness. (all of which sound like a rhythm to a client's ear).

For us, creative communication is all about good looks; as a result, we keep the communication attractive, crisp, and consistent with the message to sell. Whether it's social media marketing, graphic designs, website building, or any other marketing requirements, our services are tailored to the brand's needs.

What's in the name? 

Every team is made up of individuals who operate differently. What can make or break the business is their Sync.  The name SYNC highlights our ability to synchronize effortlessly for any client requirements to ensure that the brands, their consumers & current trends are all on the same page.

A simple, straight-to-the-point word that fits us the right way.

What do we do? 

You name it, we do it; all things creative.


Why do we do it? 

We co-founded Sync in 2019 with the intent of growing & ensuring that each of our brand partners & associates thrives with us.

When we went into the industry to see what was out there, the Pandemic slammed us with a terrible wave. But with courage, we made the new normal for our benefit, established digitally advanced creative brands, and met outstanding individuals as a team and businesses as clients from the makeshift offices at our homes.

Our first customer, our first team meeting, our first successful campaign, and our first appreciation email from clients are just some of the firsts we've had the pleasure of experiencing as an agency, and we live for all those firsts.

So 'SYNC' is a Pre-Pandemic Baby, rising and taking small yet firm steps every day (excluding weekends, of course). We're doing it to build our own identity and preserve an ideal work-life balance while embracing our passion for all things digital & design.

How do we evolve? 

We work hard every day to turn our ideas into reality. We evolve by not restricting ourselves to what we already know but by learning from our mistakes and upscaling our skills.

Social responsibility in social media

We use social media to help brands connect with their users online to become brands that are not just liked but loved. However, in doing so, we have a duty to create authentic, credible, and inclusive content. 

Additionally, we also play our part by doing what we do best. Today, it's important to tell people what's going on in the world, and that's what we did during the Pandemic. We knew that we had a social responsibility towards the community and stayed connected while keeping social distance. We worked with an NGO to help them with their social media posts and spread the word about their Covid-19 Relief fundraiser.

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Need of the Hour 

The fine line between login and logout is melting for agencies, threatening productivity, and creativity. Creativity, together with skills, is our bread and butter. Mind over matter is therefore the need of the hour. Knowing when to switch on and off 'work-mode' should be a part of our daily routine to perform better at work, whether from home or the office.

We learned the hard way. 

If only for real, we could "Skip to the good part," right? But all of us must deal with tight deadlines, endless revisions, cancelling weekend plans, and more. The best part is that everything that looks tough at first makes for great learning.

Did we just share that?

Have you ever sent a report to a client with a logo of your other client on one of the slides?

Our team has, and we are totally embarrassed about it. But guess what, the client didn't notice.

They work with us. 

To name a few,

  • City Centre Mall, Nashik
  • Syndiora
  • Evolv Today
  • The Palm Care Company
  • Panache Designs

The industry as we foresee 

More and more brands are opting for automation (AI & AR) based communication and marketing in this digital age. Yet, it is equally important for companies to connect with their customers personally.

This means that getting the right mix of automation and human interaction is essential.

We want to see how it is done through a high-tech, high-touch approach that merges advanced technologies with human compassion in the next few years and utilize it for our brands.

A day without Internet 

A day without the Internet calls for Digital Detox!

Lastly, are you hiring? 

Totally! Teamwork makes the dream work.

We can't wait to 'sync' with work buddies who are Pro at Graphic Designing, content writing, and Business Development.