Case Study: How #ThePulseTongueTwisterChallenge garnered 11mn+reach through a mix of influencers

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Apr 26, 2022 06:21 IST
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Pulse launched the #PulseTongueTwisterChallenge on the occasion of World Candy Day which fell on Diwali in 2021. The campaign used a mix of macro and micro influencers to stand out in the clutter of Diwali campaigns.

The case study understands how #ThePulseTongueTwisterChallenge leveraged three macro influencers and 150 nano and micro influencers to create a buzz around their Diwali campaign.

Category Introduction

The Indian Candy market was valued at $1.64 Billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.40%, to Reach $3.66 Billion by 2026. While the West may be more calorie conscious, the Indian audience indulges in many sugar-boiled candies.

Brand Introduction

Pass Pass Pulse, the candy from DS Group stormed the hard-boiled candy market with its launch in 2015 and has maintained its position for the last five years. The candy offers an experience that starts with a fruity taste and peaks with a tangy surprise, which the consumers love. It is available in five flavours - Kachcha Aam, Guava, Orange, Pineapple and Litchi.

Summary - #ThePulseTongueTwisterChallenge

Each year, the 4th of November is marked as Candy Day and in 2021, Pulse wanted to leverage the topical to celebrate the candy by celebrating ‘Candy Day The Pulse Way’. But there was a catch. This year, 4th November was also Diwali i.e India’s biggest festival. Thus, the brand made plans for a double celebration incorporating both Diwali and Candy Day.


The campaign was aimed at leveraging Diwali vibes and merging them with Candy Day celebrations.

Creative Idea

Diwali is that time of the year when the entire country unites and celebrates with the spirit of togetherness. Central to Diwali is sweets including candies. But since India loves tangy candies, the brand decided to celebrate the festival of lights with Pulse. To celebrate Candy Day the Pulse way and Diwali, an influencer - led challenge was launched, #thePulseTongueTwisterChallenge

Pulse gave the competitive and entertainment-hungry Indian audience a classic challenge - a tongue twister. By keeping influencers on the front foot, they maximized their chances of garnering engagement.

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ThePulseTongueTwisterChallenge Campaign Execution

The brand collaborated with three leading macro-influencers renowned celebrity faces and one OTT celebrity with large fan bases, such as Varun Sharma, Apoorva Arora, D r Sanket Bhosle and Sugandha

Sanket Mishra, to lead the PulseTongueTwisterChallenge. They were supplemented by 150 nano and micro-influencers amplifying the challenge from 1st-3rd November.

The influencers both attempted the challenge and encouraged further participation. The word was spread across 3 social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Attractive gratifications like laptops, mobile phones, speakers and amazon vouchers were also announced to motivate entries.

To take on this challenge, participants had to dress up or set up a festive ambience. Then, they were required to complete the tongue twister in a single attempt with utmost clarity in their enunciation. Further, they were asked to upload their entries via Instagram reels and tag the brand’s official social media handle.

For the concluding phase of the campaign, the brand decided to create a celebratory montage of the influencer entries as well as some of the UGC entries received for the #PulseTongueTwisterChallenge to show appreciation and gratitude to the participants and for the immense love and enthusiasm showcased throughout the campaign.



Total Reach – 11mn+

Engagement – 2.4mn+


The kind of turnover that was observed during the Candy Day & Diwali merger was spectacular. There were many positive dialogues that rose up around the brand with the #ThePulseTongueTwisterChallenge campaign.

CMO Quotes

Arvind Kumar, GM Marketing, DS Confectionery Products Ltd. said, “This season, we wanted to bring in an added element of cheer and fun to the festive celebration with our Pulse Tongue Twister Challenge. The initiative is an opportunity to engage with our vibrant online community and celebrate the spirit of festivity with dual enthusiasm.”

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