How Bosco abandoned the brand brief to create Oaken Glow’s recent campaign…

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Apr 12, 2022 20:09 IST
Bosco Oaken

Seagram’s Oaken Glow released a recent campaign, featuring their premium whisky. Leading director, Bosco captures the spirit of Oaken Glow in the all-new video.

The bold campaign captures the essence passion of the brand, encapsulating everything that Oaken Glow is. The video and the complementing visuals that the users on a journey of what Oaken Glow has to offer.

Behind The Scenes

The story behind the campaign however holds an interesting twist. Reportedly, the brand briefed Bosco to create a film highlighting Oaklen Glow’s product attributes of it being India’s first premium smoky whisky. While Bosco did create the film, the brand was in for a surprise, when they noticed him sharing a second film on his social media - a film created for Oaken Glow out of his love and passion for the brand.

The brand loved the second film (view here), created completely independent of their brief and thus came the campaign into existence.

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The brand aimed at creating a campaign that captures how Oaken Glow breaks many conventional barriers and salutes the heroes who aren’t afraid to make their own path. According to the brand, Bosco not only managed to capture this objective in his passion film but also put forth their tagline - Follow The Glow - in an artistic manner.

Since the release of the campaign, Bosco has been lauded for ditching the brief and following his gut - this creating a campaign that echoes the brand philosophy of Follow Your Glow. 

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