How Uber India leveraged influencers for #BasSochoAurChalPado campaign

#BasSochoAurChalPado Uber

Here’s a look at how Uber India created a 360-degree campaign BasSochoAurChalPado for their affordable category. The brand roped in influencers to maximize the reach and engagement around the campaign.

Uber India recently launched its ‘Bas Socho Aur Chal Pado’ campaign, aimed at driving awareness and relevance around their low-cost products category, which includes Uber Auto and Uber Moto. Consisting of 4 videos, the campaign was inspired by the real-life stories of unstoppable Indians and their indomitable spirit. Additionally, Uber India executed a teaser phase, consisting of a mix of exciting content and social media with leading influencers.

Based on real-life stories, the campaign features people who aren’t afraid to go after their dreams – be it a bride who has an exam on the day of her wedding or a person who needs to rush for blood donation hours before an important job interview or the dedicated mother who isn’t scared to take her infant with her to work even amidst heavy rains.

Uber India executed a pre-launch activity engaging influencers and celebrities. On March 23 and 24, influencers shared a snippet of the Runaway Bride film and took turns guessing if the bride is running away from her wedding or towards it.

The influencers picked teams – Team Shaadi and Team Bhaagi – and even polled their fans and followers about what they thought the bride was doing.

Uber India released the campaign on March 25 with each of the videos narrating a heart-warming tale. The brand settled the “Team Shaadi and Team Bhaagi” debate, as Zorawar Ahluwalia, shared the image of Uber’s campaign hoarding, the QR code on which enabled the users to see the video and find out what exactly happened.

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Post the release of the campaign celebrities and influencers such as Vikrant Massey, Harshvardhan Rane, Aparshakti Khurana, Fatima Sana Shaikh, and more shared the videos – commenting on the beautiful tales. Uber India differed from the cut-and-dried approach of storytelling campaigns by adding a layer of influencer marketing. The teaser campaign, helped the brand stand out in an immensely cluttered space.

The buzz campaign involving the ‘image leak’ featured by influencers created intrigue and curiosity, keeping the viewers guessing about what comes next. The activity helped the brand reach its target audience, thus enabling them to stand out in the cluttered advertising space. Further, the post-launch influencer marketing initiative contributed to increasing the shelf-life of the campaign.

From a storytelling perspective, Uber India created a perfect balance between a heart-touching narrative and a great background score. Each story is based on a humane insight, helping viewers relate – be it the bride going for an exam or the mother who is proud of her differently-abled son.

The brand managed to give the “Uber” spin to the campaign – evoking emotions through effective storytelling.