Snickers sparks mixed reactions with new campaign ‘Unfiltered’

Snickers campaign

Snickers has ignited a variety of reactions to their new campaign ‘Unfiltered’ – some love it and some hate it, but the brand has triggered a strong response from both sides.

Continuing to depict their marquee brand communication of ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’, Snickers has extended this property to ‘You’re Unfiltered When You’re Hungry’ in their new campaign that depicts a usual double date gone wrong.

The campaign narrates a board game night between two couples when one of the women suggests ‘a swap’ and the other perceives it to be suggested swinging and reciprocates positively, summed up with the revamped brand tagline.

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Created by BBDO New York, the campaign is running in two versions – 30 and 15 seconds long, and will be distributed on TV and amplified on social media and through the press.

It has generated several for and against reactions by consumers and publishing houses, and the response is strong on both sides, either it is intensely disliked or enjoyed greatly.

But the brand continues to bank on its outlandishly humorous tone, a type of communication that tends to create emotional responses. Liked or disliked, the brand has become successful in getting people to talk about their campaign and consequently the brand.