Superwomen 2022: No opportunity is a once in a lifetime opportunity says Aanchal Agrawal

Aanchal Agrawal Superwoman

Reclaiming the word Superwoman, Stand-up Comedian Aanchal Agrawal sheds light on the importance of looking after oneself and mental health.

Aanchal Agrawal, Digital Content Creator, Stand-up Comedian and now a winner of Social Samosa Superwoman 2022 discusses the need to look after one’s mental health, how WFH has an impact on women and some industry details.

Edited Excerpts:

What do you think it means to be a superwoman in the New Normal?

I don’t think there’s any such thing as superwomen, it’s great for titles and souvenirs but it’s a heavy word that has historically put pressure on a lot of women and glorified their hustle that they shouldn’t have to go through in the first place.

A big part of success is mental health & work-life balance – how do you ensure to create work-life balance for yourself & those around you?

I take breaks and I am in regular therapy. I have been working for long enough to know that it is dynamic, the slumps don’t last and highs don’t last either. No opportunity is a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you think something doesn’t go well because you need to look after your mental and physical health first it actually went well. My health and mental well-being are my priority and I manage my work around them.

While a lot has changed for the better in the A&M industry, what kind of challenges continue to exist for women? Especially with the whole WFH & hybrid work situation

People think that because women are working from home, they can work round the clock; at home looking after daily chores and at the office too. The wage gap is still a thing in advertising and marketing, and creators who are men get paid more, their growth is seen as a success while the women are blatantly called ‘rich’ and discounted.

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What in your opinion, helped you excel in your career?

I am relentless, hardworking and talented. But, I knew that it was still not enough. I will have to show up for myself every day and I did exactly that, I didn’t see any job as less of anything, I took all opportunities big and small as a part of my journey. I can say multiple fancy quotes but nothing resonates with people better than overcoming their own challenges, I’d say we have to keep going without listening to others, they advise us from their understanding and insecurities of life, not ours.

One Superwoman you look up to & why

I absolutely love Jameela Jamil, Mallika Sherawat, and Sushmita Sen – what unapologetic and go-getter women they are.

One thing you would like to change about this industry

Respect for people’s time, effort and health.      

One thing that this industry desperately needs

Better work culture, time management and paying as per talent and experience, not industry standards.

One tip for all aspiring A&M professionals out there

Look after yourself first, then try to change the world.