Vivo launches its brand purpose film #LiveTheJoy in India

Vivo #LiveTheJoy

Vivo hopes to help consumers recognize moments of Joy in their lives through their latest brand film – #LiveTheJoy.

Vivo released a new brand film in India, ‘Live the joy’. The 2-minute video sheds light on the purpose of Vivo as a technology brand.

With this digital film, vivo hopes to help consumers recognize moments of Joy in their lives and cherish these moments as they’re meant to. The core message of the film is that there is Joy in the world all around us – be it through self-expression, connections with our loved ones or in the multitude of things all around us if we look at it from the right perspective.

Vivo, as a technology brand having started its journey in India in 2014, has seen tremendous growth reaching a market leadership position in Q4 2019 and holding on to it ever since.

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The DVC communicates how one can find Joy in every moment in their lives as long as we look at it from the right perspective. The film further elaborates on this point by depicting beautiful instances such as the simplest moment of an interesting looking shadow or the craziness of the peak of a roller coaster ride, the simplest exchange of messages or a grand public gesture of love, sharing your laughter with hundreds on stage or giggling to yourself while scrolling through social media. The film uses these instances to beautifully communicate the contrast between moments that are typically associated with happiness and those that bring about just as much Joy, lest we look at them from Vivo’s perspective.

Yogendra Sriramula, Director of Brand Strategy, Vivo India, said, “Aligned with our brand philosophy, we channel our efforts towards making our customers’ lives joyous with the use of our superior and technologically advanced products. Today while coping with a fast-paced life, chasing social validation, materialism, and individualistic pursuits, we sometimes miss that we are blessed to be surrounded by an abundance of joy in our lives. To bridge this gap, we aim to use technology to bring people together helping them find joy in the daily moments.”